Buford van Stomm is the local bully in Danville. He constantly bullies Baljeet.


Buford Knows Perry's SecretEdit

Some fans believe that Buford knows Perry is an agent.

Supporting EvidenceEdit

  • In "Across the 2nd Dimension", Buford said "It was obvious in retrospect" after Isabella said "It's weird Perry's a secret agent, huh?"
  • He dressed up like Agent P in a comic in the P&F magazine, and called Doofenshmirtz a pharmacist, despite the fact that he was wearing a ballerina suit.

Opposing EvidenceEdit

None at the moment.

Buford is in love with CandaceEdit

Some fans believe that Buford has a crush on Candace.

Supporting EvidenceEdit

Buford has somehow gotten himself as a contact in Candace's cell phone without her knowing.

Just look at the way he said "I saved your life, now you're my servant". JUST LOOK AT THE EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE!

2nd Dimension Buford said "I am so in love with her right now" about 2nd Dimension Candace.